Maryal Barnett“Dressage is not just a sport or art form for me; it is a way of life.”
——Maryal Barnett

Maryal Barnett is a full-time dressage instructor, a dressage judge, and part owner of Nottingham Equestrian Center in East Lansing, Michigan. She teaches at many other stables in Michigan and gives regular clinics in Illinois, Indiana, New York, Missouri and Wisconsin. During her extensive career, she has also been a dressage trainer and competitor.  She has been appointed to train and examine US Equestrian Judges and United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Certified Instructors. Many of Maryal’s students have earned local and national awards, and some have become US Equestrian Judges or USDF Certified Instructors.

To learn more about Maryal, please browse this site. To contact her, send her an email at mabarn@aol.com. Thank you for visiting!

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Please see Maryal’s Teaching Schedule, Judging Schedule, and Educational Programs pages for dates and locations. Her biographical information is on the About Maryal page.

Contact Maryal at mabarn@aol.com.