Virtual Lessons

Maryal Barnett is now offering virtual lessons. While this began in response to travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Maryal and some of her students who do not live nearby have found it to be a good way to meet more consistently. It is almost as good as her being there in person!

So far, Maryal has been using Zoom for her virtual lessons. The technology can be as basic as a Zoom meeting on your smartphone with someone to pan and zoom the video, or as complicated as a Pixio with the camcorder streamed through a computer in a Zoom meeting. It does require either an internet connection or a cellular signal. If you would like some help figuring out the technology, please contact Ann Belth at 812.327.0556 or

If you are interested in scheduling a virtual lesson, please contact Maryal at

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Please see Maryal’s Teaching Schedule, Judging Schedule, and Educational Programs pages for dates and locations. Her biographical information is on the About Maryal page.